Custom Warehouse

We have a 5000 m2 warehouse which, due to its location 500 meters from the container terminals and with easy access from the Ronda del Litoral, gives it an unbeatable location for all types of logistics services.

We have 2000 m2 enabled for the storage of non-perishable foodstuffs, equipped with an endless elevator for loading tanks.

DAUNIS, MASO Y FONT, S.A. facilities are customs premises, depending on the customs office of Barcelona road, having the following customs authorizations: ADT (temporary storage warehouse), DAP (public customs warehouse) and authorized consignor.

Transport insurance

We must not forget a very important factor such as the contracting of a freight insurance to insure the transported goods against any risk that may exist during the transit of these, from the origin to the final destination.

Through our agreements with the best insurance companies we offer among our services the possibility of insuring any merchandise that you want to import or export, or simply move from one point to another of the national territory.

Multimodal transport

When the goods must be moved from the point of departure to the final destination and in this journey different means of transport are articulated, we talk about Multimodal Transport. At DMF we offer the best combinations of means of transport to meet the requirements of speed and cost containment.

Through this type of transport, costs and transfer times are reduced, assuming less risk by reducing the number of partners in the operation.

Ground transportation

Pick up or ship to any city, we take care of all the necessary formalities, offering customized solutions.

Through our agents we offer both groupage and complete transports to any European country.

International Maritime Transport

We offer a complete management of maritime transport at international level, assessing the most advantageous options, providing a service tailored to the needs.

We cover the most important ports and cities of all countries, offering assistance focused on efficiency and delivery time optimization.

Tell us your needs and we will surely have the best solution.

  • Ocean Freight.
  • Full Container Load (FCL).
  • Transport of full containers worldwide.
  • Selection of the main shipping lines.
  • Sea Freight Groupage (LCL).
  • Transport of goods in groupage regime worldwide.
  • Regular departures and established transit times.

International air transportation

We select the best alternatives for your air shipments under the criteria of reliability and speed.

Door to door shipments in any of its modalities, without weight or volume limits, organizing those transports that require a defined transit and delivery time.

Shipments to any place in the world, collaborating with the best cargo and commercial companies.

Custom agent

As an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), our goal is to expedite and guarantee the speed in the completion of any customs procedures for both import and export.
We put at your disposal knowledge and experience in order to ensure optimal customs procedures, both in terms of time and competitive costs.
DMF in its constant effort to provide the customer with a comprehensive, efficient and high value-added service performs a professional management of all customs procedures, constantly evolving to be at the forefront of the industry and offer its customers the best and most complete range of customs services:

  • Consultancy in international buying and selling.
  • Advice on origin matters.
  • Support in tax inspections (preparation, presentation and assistance in Customs inspections).
  • Customized tariff classification analysis.
  • Physical examination of goods before customs.
  • Customs clearance (DUAs) to importers, exporters and freight forwarders.
  • Processing CITES, Sanitary Control, Phytosanitary Certificate, SOIVRE.

National logistics

Our facilities and the services we offer allow us to provide a comprehensive logistics service nationwide:

  • Integral Logistics: loading/unloading services, order preparations, handling of all types of goods according to customer needs, stock management and warehousing in general.
  • Security: The facilities have the most advanced surveillance, detection and anti-intrusion systems, complying with the highest security standards.
  • Warehousing: Security in the handling of your products, quality and stock control, order preparation, permanent customer information, services and handling adapted to your needs.
  • Transport and distribution: national transport and distribution service for both partial and full loads.
  • Storage of non-perishable food products.